Wedding Planners Income Potential and Salary

Is a wedding planners income potential and salary worth it for all that a wedding planner has to do? Wedding planner jobs are challenging, exciting and highly rewarding. They are responsible for the execution of a worry-free wedding. They are also free to change their working schedules as per the needs to clients and can work as part time or full time wedding planners.

It is not easy to plan a wedding. It needs lots of details from the selection of a date to choosing the reception menu. Some wedding planners also organize honeymoon trips as well for couples. You must attend bridal shows and conduct informational interviews for getting maximum information to plan a wedding successfully. You have to converse with clergy to know various faiths. The prerequisites for becoming a successful and highly paid wedding planner are:

* Good listener

* Ready to make lots of phone calls

* Willingness to work long hours

* Diplomatic

* Able to select flower arrangements from florists

* Settle and negotiate complaints and concerns of people

* Up to date with latest trends and styles in weddings

* Good negotiator

* Able to deal with stress

Wedding planners must also be able to coordinate their client’s schedule with caterers, event designers, decor designers, florists, corporate event planner, videographers, photographers, DJs and bands, etc.

An Overview of Wedding Planners Salary

It is very difficult to determine the actual salary of a wedding planner. It depends on various factors such as experience, efficiency, ability to attract new clients, etc. A wedding planner job is not an eight to five job. You need to work long hours, nights, holidays and weekends. You can also earn more if you have the abilities such as critical thinking, intense attention to detail, specialized skills, good relation with clients and vendors, etc.

Wedding planners work on commission basis, and they can charge 10% of the total wedding budget of clients. Budget varies as per location and clients. However, some clients are prepared to spend up to $100,000 for their wedding.

How much can a part time wedding planner earn? Part-time wedding planners organize one or two weddings in a month. Depending on the average cost, they can make around $60,000 per year.

During a busy season, full-time wedding planners need to undertake several weddings in a month. They also coordinate other events as well. If they organize 30 weddings in a year, they can earn around $90,000.

What do wedding planners make?

There are lots of benefits and advantages of working as a wedding planner. You can earn a good salary and will also get the opportunity to meet a variety of people. This is one of the best career options for starting a business. Working schedule is flexible, and you can also operate your business from your home. There is no formal education required to become a wedding planner. However, a certified professional can make more money. Today, lots of accredited educational institutions and community colleges are offering courses in wedding planning. You can also enroll in online institutions. Some of the specialized courses in wedding planning are:

* Wedding and event planning

* Wedding coordination

* Management

* Catering

* Business Consultant

* Bridal Consultant

* Business administration

* Event and design production

* Accounting

What is the income potential of a wedding planner?

Wedding planners can also work as meeting and convention planners, urban and regional planners, travel agents, resort and hotel desk clerks, transportation and reservation ticket agents, etc. The demand for wedding planers is high in various locations such as:

* Offices

* Wedding planning agencies

* Church

* Home

* Resorts

* Catering companies

* Music venues

* Drive through wedding chapel

* Banquet halls

* Event planning agencies

However, you should not underestimate the responsibilities of wedding planners. Their income is high because of their high responsibilities. Selecting the best man and groomsmen, wedding attire, set up schedule and accommodation, arrange transportation to the wedding ceremony and from ceremony to reception, obtain marriage license, purchase gifts, arrange entertainments at reception, choose a wedding style and theme, plan reception programs and agenda, hire photographers and videographers, select and book honeymoon trips, etc are some of the responsibilities of a wedding planner in Los Angeles .

You must also be able to plan a stress-free wedding for your clients for earning more money and getting further assignments through word-of-mouth advertisements.